About Calenzana and The GR20


Calenzanais a commune in the Haute-Corsede partment of Franceon the island of Corsica.In 1732 it was the site of an uprising by Corsican nationalists against the island's Genoese rulers.I t is now best known as the starting (or finishing) point of the GR 20 long distance walk.

The GR 20 is a GR footpath that crosses the Mediterranean is land of Corsica running north-south, described by the outdoor writer Paddy Dillon as "one of the top trails in the world" The GR 20 is marked regularly with distinctive red and white waymarks, which in good weather are simple to follow, yet in the early and late season when the ground is usually still covered in snow, or when walking in cloud, the path may become harder to follow. In some of the more exposed scrambles, ladders and steel ropes have been fixed into the rock surface to aid walkers (though this is only for a very short section in the "Cirque de la Solitude"). Although the northern section of the route requires some moderate scrambling, the majority of the GR 20 is a well worn footpath and its main challenge comes not from its ruggedness, but from its length. Being at high altitude, some snow can come late and early in the year and fog can bring a bitter chill and make it difficult to find one's way also some of the ridges are prone to very high winds. Despite the main path being marked by waymarks and being well worn, there are also routes that lead down from the main path into villages, or up from the path to peaks.The whole trail is about 180 km long, clearly waymarked throughout, the walk for most people takes around 15 days. The trail is usually considered as two parts: the northern part, between Calenzanaand Vizzavona and the southern part, between Vizzavona and Conca.

Source: Wikipedia